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Safe place To Go For Mama

This book is designed to share with its readers the emotions, the struggles and some solutions to what can devastate a family when a member has been issued this fate. You will come to realize that there is a ‘Safe Place’ for each victim. You can find comfort in knowing that there is one who cares about you and your loved one. It is all in getting an understanding of who God is and what the disease is all about.
Though I do not claim to know all of the answers, you will find similar situations that compare to your own and how my father, siblings and I handled the challenges. “A Safe Place for Mama” was written with sudden burst of laughter and occasional warm tears of painful memories while being assured that God is in charge of it all. You will learn to trust Him. It can bring you closer to the love one as you begin to unravel mysteries and accept realities. It will bring you closer to God as your trust and your faith in Him increases.

It is my strong desire that as you read this book, you will be inspired and strengthened to face the unfamiliar; remembering that there is nothing too hard for God!
May you find a peace that will surpasses all understanding!

Elder White

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